Sitename: Smooth Sailing
Owner(s): Lysianthus
Category: Directories/Listings
Description: Smooth Sailing Listings is a web directory and listing for websites of any kind!

Sitename: Skyborn
Owner(s): Sasha
Category: Blogs
Description: Skyborn is Sasha's small personal blog where she talks about life goings, pet peeves, movies and tv, sometimes hosting and whatever else strikes her fancy.

Sitename: Skyrose
Owner(s): Sasha
Category: Graphics/Resources
Description: Skyrose offers (or at least strives to) quality resources - like backgrounds and color schemes - but mainly tutorials about Photoshop, cPanel, PHP along with some useful articles for new site owners.

Sitename: Starry Pyxels
Owner(s): Poet
Category: Graphics/Resources
Description: Starry Pyxels is a graphic site that offers brushes, textures, psd colorings, color schemes and more with an old school twist.

Sitename: Sugarp0p
Owner(s): Sky
Category: Graphics/Resources
Description: We have premade stylesheets & much more!