To be listed at LoveBurst Listings, understand and follow the rules provided.

1. You are not required to have a button for your site for you to be linked. I will put a plain button with no special effects, colors, but just your name.
2. Your site is not allowed to have any porn/racism/stole content/excessive profanity.
3.. My link must be visible on your page reguardless if you are on hiatus or anything else.
4. You must link my button on your site & it must be easy to find.
5. Only apply for a site to be shown if you own it.
6. Your site must be English.
7. Please allow me 7 days to upload/approve your application.
8. Make sure to fill out the form completely to be accepted.
9. No button URLs from Photobucket or Tinypic. They do no show up on my site. If you can't do that then attach the button on the form from your computer.

Apply to join our directory